L.M.Mikhaylova, K.Nguyen, D.I.Nurminsky, Analysis of the Drosophila melanogaster testes transcriptome reveals coordinate regulation of paralogous genes, (Genetics 179: 305-315; 2008).

These authors used whole-genome oligonucleotide (70-mer) microarrays from Qiagen-Operon (representing 13,644 genes) to survey gene expression in testis vs. head, testis vs. ovaries, and testis vs. whole gonadectomized males. The data are available publicly under ArrayExpress accession E-TABM-273.

Genes of the testis transcriptome were identified as those that showed significant testis enrichment (P < 0.01) in all three of the above comparisons. If there was a match between a gene in the Sebida database and a gene encoding a transcript of the sperm proteome (from supplementary table 1 of Mikhaylova et al.), it is indicated by a "yes" in the Sebida entry. Otherwise, it is indicated by a "no". Please note that a "no" does not necessarily mean that the gene is not expressed in testis, only that it was not identified as enriched in testis by the above criteria.