M.W.Hahn, G.C.Lanzaro, Female-biased gene expression in the malaria mosquito, (Current Biology Vol15 No6: R192; 2005).

These experiments used Affymetrix GeneChips designed to the A. gambiae genome. In total, there are probes representing approx. 14,000 Anopheles genes. Hahn and Lanzaro (2005) detected significant expression for 4281 of these genes.

For hybridizations, adult males and females of the Lanzaro Lab stock MA were used. A total of seven hybridizations were performed (3 male and 4 female), each of used cRNA from a different biological replicate. The male/female expression ratios and P-values given in Sebida were kindly provided by the authors. Note that the ratios presented in Sebida are straight ratios and not ln or log2 transformations.