T.D.Goldman, M.N.Arbeitman, Genomic and functional studies of Drosophila sex hierarchy regulated gene expression in adult head and nervous system tissues, (PLoS Genetics 3: e216; 2007).

The authors used competitive two-dye hybridization to oligonucleotide arrays (65-60 bases) designed by the International Drosophila Array Consortium (INDAC) to investigate gene expression differences between (among others) male adult head and female adult head. The arrays contained 15,158 probes corresponding to all annotated genes in genome release 4.1. The array platform is GPL5983 and the samples are GSM236851, GSM236852, GSM236853, GSM236854, GSM236855, GSM236856, GSM236857, and GSM236858.

Two wild-type strains were used, Canton-S and Berlin. Four replicate hybridizations were performed for each strain, including dye swaps. For Sebida, we present the average male/female ratio over all replicates for both strains combined. P-values were calculated from the raw data using a Bayesian method (BAGEL) developed by Jeffrey Townsend and using ratios from all 8 hybridizations as input. In cases where there was more then one probe per gene, we used the average over all probes. Note that the ratios presented in Sebida are straight ratios and not ln or log2 transformations.