Q.Gan, I.Chepelev, G.Wei, L.Tarayrah, K.Cui, K.Zhao, X.Chen, Dynamic regulation of alternative splicing and chromatin structure in Drosophila gonads revealed by RNA-seq, (Cell Research 20: 763-783, 2010).

The authors used RNA-seq (Illumina/Solexa platform) to analyze gene expression in testes and ovaries of D. melanogaster. They analyzed expression in wild-type and bam mutants. Only the wild-type data are included in Sebida.

The raw and analyzed RNA-seq data are available from the GEO database under the accession number GSE16960.

Expression data are presented in terms of sequencing reads/per kilobase merged exonic region/per million mapped reads (RPKM). In Sebida, the testes/ovaries ratio is the ratio of RPKM in testes to that in ovaries. In cases where RPKM was zero, a value of 1 was used to calculate the testes/ovaries ratio. For example, if testes RPKM = 1000 and ovaries RPKM = 0, the testes/ovaries ratio is given as 1000. This prevents undefined values or values of zero. The original RPKM values are also provided in the Sebida database.