D.A.Baker, T.Nolan, B.Fischer, A.Pinder, A.Crisanti, S.Russell, A comprehensive gene expression atlas of sex- and tissue-specificity in the malaria vector, Anopheles gambiae, (BMC Genomics 12:296, 2011).

The authors used Affymetrix GeneChips to examine sex- and tissue-specific gene expression in A. gambiae. The complete data are available from MozAtlas. For Sebida, we included only data for the comparison of whole adult males vs. whole adult females. Females were given a blood meal at 3 days of age and then collected at 24, 48, and 72 hours after the blood meal for RNA extraction. Males were collected at the same ages/timepoints. Within sexes, pooled samples with equal representation of the three time points were used for microarray hybridizations. Four biological replicates of each sex were performed.

For Sebida, the male and female data within each biological replicate were paired and the mean male/female expression ratio and P-value for differential expression between the sexes were determined using a Bayesian method (BAGEL) developed by Jeffrey Townsend. Note that the ratios presented in Sebida are straight ratios and not ln or log2 transformations.