Liver plays a major role in metabolism and participates in myriad functions in the body, including glycogen storage, plasma protein synthesis, and detoxification. The comprehensive mapping of liver proteome will augment our understanding of its physiology, and provide further insights into its role in various pathological conditions. This will in turn provide impetus to the development of liver-specific therapeutics and diagnostics.

We report a large-scale analysis of mouse liver tissue comprising a novel fractionation approach and high accuracy mass spectrometry techniques resulting in confident identification of 2210 proteins.
This database accompanies the article:
Ring S., Kumar C., Zougman A., Zhang Y., Podtelejnikov A., Cox J., Wisniewski J.R., Mann M., Analysis of the Mouse Liver Proteome Using Advanced Mass Spectrometry, J Proteome Res. 2007 Aug. Apr 5 (2007)