Mapu as a DAS source in EnsEMBL
To illustrate proteomic data (identified phosphorylation sites) in EnsEMBL, we established Mapu as a DAS source in EnsEMBL. This means that it is possible to show identified peptides on the gene (transcript) level in EnsEMBL. The following illustrations show how to establish Mapu as a DAS source:

(1) On the result page showing general information about a certain transcript, click on "Manage Sources".
(2) Then a new browser window will pop up. Click on "Add data source".
(3) Then select "Mapu" in the list of available registered DAS sources and clik on "Next".
(4) Next, choose a view ("protview").
(5) Next, configure the display of the Mapu data.
(6) Next, click on the "Close Window" button.
(7) Finally, the clearly identified peptides are displayed. If you click on one of the peptides, a box will pop up showing you in which tissues we have identified the given peptide.